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GURJAR introduced photo engraving of Copper Rollers to print textiles in 1959 and since then are wellknown in India as pioneers and experienced engravers in the textile/printing industry.

After the advent of the Rotary Screen Printing Machine we started manufacturing Galvano design Screens from the year 1972 and since 1979 we are manufacturing Perforated Nickel Rotary Screens under the brand name of ROTEL Rotary Screens which are well accepted in the Indian as well as International markets.

Our magnificent experience of more than 40 years in textile photo engraving has enabled us to improvise our rotary Screen manufacturing techniques in order to comply with the current market quality standards and requirements.

At present GURJARTM a leading manufacturer of Complete Range of Nickel Perforated Rotary Screens and other Electro formed value added Screens, with more than 35 years experience in Electro forming and Screen making has enabled GURJARTM to improve its Rotary Screen manufacturing techniques to meet today’s rigorous market quality requirements giving them acceptance not only in India but in the international market.

The GURJAR Vision

Contibuting to the printing industry on a continued basis using our decades of experience coupled with our state of art R & D setup thereby Developing a range of new products that are state-of-the art and global in scope. A foresight for tomorrow's technology, for all our tomorrows...

Indian Roots, Global Presence

Our global vision is put to work with constant innovation in product and technology. GURJAR has made crucial inroads in export trades. We are already exporting to USA, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, South Africa, Indonesia, Srilanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uganda, Egypt, Senegal and adding more to our lists. Our significant global operations cover exports in over 23 countries.