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Delta SV And Euro

GURJAR is one of the leading manufacturers of a complete range of NICKEL PERFORATED ROTARY ScreenS for conventional as well as digital imaging systems for a range of industries ranging from Rotary Textile Printing, Coating, Wall paper, Transfer printing and other Special effects printing. Today GURJAR can offer the complete range of Nickel Perforated Rotary Screens starting from 14 Mesh to 195 Mesh in Screen Length 900 mm to 3500 mm and various repeat sizes of 640, 820, 914,1018 and 1680. (other Screen lengths and repeats on request also possible)



In continuation to our endeavour to offer our Rotary Textile Printers better and effective solutions for their rotary Screen printing machines, we have the pleasure of announcing introduction of new Screens in our DELTA range of Nickel Perforated Rotary Screens namely 125 SV and 155 SV. These Screens with their special 45 degree mesh angle make them ideally suited for all types of geometrical designs. This coupled with our seamless digital lacquer engraving facility help in getting sharper prints for their geometrical patterns. Technical specifications of 125 SV DELTA and 155 SV DELTA are the same as regular 125DELTA and 155 DELTA. They differ in their mesh angle at 45 degree instead of regular 60 degree, specially created byGURJAR's R&D Team.

EURO Rotary Screens from GURJAR again are the result of GURJAR's constant and continuous R&D efforts and a solid experience of more than 35 years in electroforming and Rotary Screen manufacturing.
Now with EURO Screens, Textile Rotary Printers can effectively tackle designs required at higher resolutions, even their most demanding design requirements. From the finest line (saw tooth effects virtually eliminated) and half tones (moire patterns minimized to eliminated) to multi colored creations combining different design types. All these possibilities can be achieved now by GURJAR EURO Screens.

GURJAR EURO ScreenS are Third generation Screens and are available in mesh counts of 135,135 SV (45 Degree mesh angle), 165 and 195. Technical specifications on request.


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