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Rotel LRL 2

Our close co-operation with the Printing Industry with quality conciousness and innovation which has become a tradition at GURJAR, a new generation of ROTEL LRL2 Screens are coming of age from GURJAR INDIA New For The New Millennium. The new LRL2 Screens are made available in all ROTEL type mesh counts having higher thickness coupled with higher open area (0. A. %). The unique combination of higher thickness with higher open area than standard ROTEL type Screens, with extra remarkable tensile properties of LRL2 now enables the rotary Screen printer to obtain perfect reproduction of all types of prints on all textile materials with a very high tolerance factor and a longer service ability of the Screens.

  ROTEL® 60, 80 LRL2 MESH ScreenS

Distinct Advantages of ROTEL LRL2™(L0NG RUN LONG LIFE) Screens over other standard Screens.

  • Higher Thickness coupled with higher ductility impart substantial Long Life over Long Print Run making them highly economical Screens than standard Screens.
  • Higher Open Area with corresponding higher thickness than standard Screen, impart superior performance in terms of better colour penetration, hence giving better printing ability for printing large blotches.
  • Easily stripable after polymerisation and printing.
  • Pinning and Retouching made easy due to large open area and hole diameter of the mesh.
  • Much lesser choke-up problems (no clogging) even while printing with thicker printing paste.
Length mm
1410 1450 1750 1980 2080 2380 2530 2650 2940 3050 3500
Length mm
1398.5   1738.5 1968.5     2518.5 2618.5     3418.5
Width mm
1280 1280E 1620 1850 1850E 2250 2400 2400E 2800 2800E 3200
µ ♥ % ♣
640 60LRL2 20 110 20
640 80LRL2 20 100 16
  • Other repeats (518, 537, 574, 609, 668, 725, 801, 820, 914, 923, 1018, 1680, 1820) on request.
  • Other Lengths (900mm to 3500mm) on request.
  • We reserve the right to make suitable manufacturing changes whenever required

♥ Thickness in Microns (1 mm = 1000 Microns)
♣ Open Area in percentage

At GURJAR GRAVURES PVT. LTD. you can count on the following services:
  1. Supply of all normal type of Screens from our factory at the shortest possible delivery schedules.
  2. Our sales people will gladly provide technical advise and help you in solving your engraving problems.
  3. Our manufacturing flexibility makes it possible for our customer to obtain a non standard Screen also

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