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GURJAR GRAVURES introduced photo engraving of Copper Rollers to print textiles in the year 1959. Since then we are well known in India as pioneers and experienced engravers in the textile / printing industry.
After the advent of Rotary Screen Printing Machines, we started manufacturing Galvano design Screens from the year 1972 and since 1979, we have been manufacturing Perforated Nickel Rotary Screens under the brand name of ROTEL Rotary Screens which are well accepted in the market today in India as well as abroad.

ROTEL Screens are electroformed with pure nickel. Its technical qualities require substantial know-how coupled with uncompromising precision at all stages. Every single Screen is subjected to rigorous in-process quality control. ROTEL Rotary Screens are suitable for use on all Rotary Screens printing machines irrespective of whether they operate with metal or rubber squeeze. These Screens are available in a wide variety of repeat size and length, as well as mesh counts. ROTEL Screens have stability which leads to easier handling with less risk, increasing the serviceable life of the Screen.

Each ROTEL Screen is uniform and faultless with exact repeats. With their excellent ductility the chances of their cracking (particularly at high squeegee tension) are significantly reduced. Thanks to their specially developed surface texture, ROTEL Screens provide good adhesion for all known coating emulsions and because the relationship between the apertures and the webs separating them is ideal, these Screens have what it takes to produce flawless printing result with all types of dyes and textiles.

  ROTEL™ 80 ED

Extra Thick, Extra Durable 80 ED mesh Screens have technical specification of thickness 95 microns and 14% O.A. making them highly economical, due to lower Screens wear at higher printing speed even with highly corrosive printing pastes.

  ROTEL™ 100 ED

Out of the complete range of ROTEL ED Screens, the new 100 ED Screens are having higher thickness (about 105 microns) against that of conventional 100 mesh (about 95 microns) with higher open area (about 14%) against that of standard (about 8%), give these Screens an extra edge, making surface, outline and detail printing down to 0.20 mm easy even at higher operating speeds with minimum of breakage while printing. 100 ED with above technical specifications boasts to be the only Screen of its kind in the market today.

Apart from these quality printing benefits. ROTEL ED Screens are found economical as they give greater durability due to higher thickness.

Our entire production of Rotary Screen is subject to an individual inspection i.e.

  • Perforation       • Thickness         • Ductility         • Open Area
Length mm
1410 1450 1750 1980 2080 2380 2530 2650 2940 3000/3050 3500
Length mm
1398.5   1738.5 1968.5       2518.5 2918.5   3418.5
Width mm
1280 1280E 1620 1850 1850E 2250 2400 2400E 2800 2800E 3200
µ ♥ % ♣
640 40 20 118 ± 5 40
640 60 20 110 ± 5 18
640 70 20 100 ± 5 14
640 80 20 87 ±   3 12
640 80ED 20 95 ±   3 14
640 100 20 75 ±   3   8
640 100ED 20 105 ±  3 14

Other repeats (518, 537, 574, 609, 668, 725, 801, 820, 914, 923, 1018, 1680, 1820) on request.
Other Lengths (900 mm to 3500 mm ) on request.
We reserve the right to make suitable manufacturing changes as and when required.

ED Extra Thick Extra Durable
♥   Thickness in Microns (1 mm = 1000 Microns)
♣   Open Area in percentage

At GURJAR GRAVURES PVT. LTD. you can count on the following services:
  1. Supply of all normal type of Screens from our factory at the shortest possible delivery schedules.
  2. Our sales people will gladly provide technical advise and help you in solving your engraving problems.
  3. Our manufacturing flexibility makes it possible for our customer to obtain a non standard Screen also

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