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Galvano Dummy

GURJAR GALVANO Dummy Screens are solid blind Nickel rolls made by special galvano electroforming technique having thickness of 170 microns. These dummy Screens are specially introduced to serve dual functions enhancing productivity and quality of print of rotary Screen printing machines.

  1. Because of their special thickness, these Screens can be used as press roller before blotch or heavy coverage colour printing. This will, in turn, help to get proper registration as well as solid brightness of blotch colours.

  2. These Screens can also be used as fluff collector by applying fluffex which in turn is placed at No.1 head on the rotary printing machine. This fluff collector Screen collects unwanted fibres and dirt on the fabric before the fabric reaches other printing stations. Hence directly improving print performance of the rotary print substantially.

Galvano Dummy Screens due to their higher thickness will last for multi millions yardage printing making them economical, cost wise. Hence it makes business sense to use Galvano Dummy Screens on all types of rotary Screen printing machines.


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