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Galvano Designer's Screen

The New Generation Galvano Designer's Screen is a development product of the printing Screens produced by superior electrolytic methods. The innovative feature of this new printing Screen is its versatility. It can be customized to very specific customer requirements. Its main areas of application are, above all, special printing and coating of and with various different materials.

The new generation of Galvano Screens is characterized by the following properties:
  • Combination of different types of material stresses of the Screen, depending on thickness and application
  • Screen thickness from 90 upto1500 and more
  • Permeability upto 65% on each wall thickness
  • Combination of very high metal thickness and very high permeability
  • Enabling an application volume never reached before
  • Variety of hole shapes and hole sizes, different mesh numbers all on just one single Screen
  • Various effects and half-tones - all on just one single Screen

Standard Application

Dew Drop printing for textile applications, Pile Brushing, mainly on velvet and any other Special effects printing.

Standard Technical Specifications

  1. Standard thickness: 100 to 600m
  2. Standard range of circumferences in mm: 640,820,914,1018
  3. Screen length Upto 3500 mm

These figures are for standard products. Other kind of technical specifications available on request. Thickness in Microns (1 mm = 1000 Microns)


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