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SUMO® Screens build on all the leading strenghts of Delta Screens plus much more.

  • A very large open area
  • Increased Screen wall thickness
  • In form of an even more effective hole shape
Length mm
1410 1450 1750 1980 2080 2380 2530 2650 2940 3000/3050 3500
Length mm
1398.5   1738.5 1968.5       2518.5 2918.5   3418.5
Width mm
1280 1280E 1620 1850 1850E 2250 2400 2400E 2800 2800E 3200
µ ♥ % ♣
640 60 10 120 34
640 110 10 110 22

Above mentioned technical specifications make them ideal for printing high viscosity pastes like white pigments, gold/metal pastes, flock etc. So, such print results are always sharper without any print damage. Because of very high open area, maximum amount of paste can pass through, increasing productivity by printing at higher speeds.

SUMO Screens are also specially suitable for very high penetration printing like African Prints which need both side Mirror Effect which is their special characteristic i.e. both side printing of design should be the same.

For African Prints, Printing by conventional Screens of 60 and 80 mesh, through which if printer has to get this type of effects, is only possible by making special efforts, like decreasing speed of Rotary printing machine drastically, increasing squeeze pressure, directly affecting productivity of printing machine and Screens for such type of African Prints.

All  such handicaps can be overcome easily by using 60 / 80 / 110 'SUMO' Screens specially developed by
GURJAR thus not sacrificing the sharpness of African Prints. Using 60 / 80 / 110 SUMO Screens will achieve almost mirror printing effects on both sides of the fabric with any type of dyestuffs commonly used for such type of prints.

These Screens are also extremely durable as they can be stripped and reused several times giving good value for money.

Other repeats (518,537,574,609,668,725,801,820,914,923,1018,1680,1820) on request. Other Lengths (900 mm to 3500 mm) on request.

We reserve the right to make suitable manufacturing changes as and when required.

  • Thickness in Microns (1 mm = 1000 Microns) * Open Area in percentage

At GURJAR GRAVURES PVT. LTD. you can count on the following services:

1.Supply of all normal type of Screens from ourfactory at the shortest possible delivery schedules
2.Our sales people will gladly provide technical advise and help you in solving your engraving problems 3.Our manufacturing f lexiblity makes it possible for our customerto obtain a non standard Screen also


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